Program Mission

Navigating the American workforce can be difficult, especially for students who just graduated from school or for those transitioning into alternative paths. With few connections and uncertainty about opportunities, you might need help from established leaders to guide you through the journey.

TAAB is committed to supporting early career professionals in the biotechnology field. In 2022, we launched a Mentoring Program geared towards young fellows in various career stages in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our mentors have diverse expertise and experience and are passionate about guiding mentees to achieve goals and navigate challenges.

Our Impact

2 Successful Mentoring Programs 

1 Mentoring panel discussion

50+ pairs 

We have paired over 50 students/early career professional mentees and expert mentors

100+ mentors

A wide variety fields including R&D, CMC, regulatory affairs, project/program management, medical affairs, etc.

50% has more than 6 year industry experience


As a mentor, you support the mentee to develop their personal and professional growth, offer advice, share experience, and help mentee navigate challenges and opportunities.  

Please ensure your mentee of:

Set Clear Goals: defining an achievable objective of the mentorship session and create a roadmap.

Provide Feedback: giving constructive feedback to the mentee on their progress and area for improvement, help mentees identify strengths and weakness.

Share Knowledge and Expertise: sharing knowledge and expertise with mentee, and offering industry-specific advice



As a mentee, you plays a crucial role in successful mentorship relationship.  Here are some key roles and responsibilities:

Active Engagement: actively participating in the mentorship program and be engaged in the learning by attending meetings on-time, asking questions, and being receptive to feedback.

Set Goals and Objectives: taking the initiative to set an achievable goals for the mentorship development and communicate these goals with mentor

Be Respectful and Appreciative: respecting mentor’s time, expertise and committing to the mentorship.