TAAB comprises of scientists and professionals in academia, research institutes, biomedical industries, and government agencies. These members vary in stages of their careers, from graduate students, junior and senior scientists, industry managements, to corporate executives.

About Us

Chun-Ping Chang

Clinical Research Associate

at Amgen.


Allen Y. Wang, Ph.D.
Medical Device Product Development and Innovation

at J&J 

  • 促進美國和台灣之間的生物技術交流和商業合作。

  • 促進美國和台灣在生物技術領域的科學家、決策者和教育者之間的溝通、協調與合作

Our Leaderships

Tsung-Hung (Max) Li

李宗衡, PhD

Our Missions

Who We Are

TAAB members are mostly located in the United States and in Taiwan. The majority of the members has an advance degree in life science-related fields. A significant proportion of the members are academic researchers, senior scientists or in managerial positions in various fields of bio-pharmaceutical discovery and development.

Hsiao-Ling Hung, PhD, RAC

Global Regulatory Strategy Lead

at BMS

Board Members

Long Rong (Mark) Kao, PhD

Chia-Ching Chou
Senior Scientist

at Abalone Bio

Alex (Ko-Hsuan) Hung
Protein Biochemistry R&D Scientist

at Mesa Tech International, Inc

​​Taiwanese American Association of Biotechnology​

台美生技協會 (TAAB)
  • To promote biotechnology exchanges and business cooperation between the United States and Taiwan.
  • To promote communication, coordination and cooperation amongst scientists, policymakers, corporate leaders and educators in the United States and Taiwan in the biotechnology space.

Vice President